Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not false advertisement, just misleading advertisement

Recently a new gym has been advertising their imminent opening here in Augusta, GA. They are mailing out advertisements that state, " Just $10 per month. No Gimmicks. Month to Month. "

So me and a buddy of mine went by their makeshift office space to speak with them. Right there on a hanging banner the words read again, "Just $10 per month. No Gimmicks."

A gym sales employee showed me and my friend photos of what the gym would look like, the layout, equipment to be featured, training info, etc. So I asked about the $10 a month. She told me why yes, I could sign up now and pay just $10 a month with no contract, and the only catch was that I had to give 30 days written notice to cancel. Sounds great doesn't it?

I, being skeptical, asked, "So I can bring you $10 each month and be a member? Well no, not exactly. This is where things go sour. Ms. Gym Sales Employee explains that to get the $10 a month deal, I have to allow automatic deduction from my bank account. Hmmm! Isn't that a gimmick?

So, even though I have a pretty good idea why, having read up (see numbers five and six for example) on many horror stories (or see Health Club Memberships) of how gyms keep drafting payments (maybe read this or this or this or this or this or this or this or or this or this to name a few) from people who have requested their memberships be cancelled, or overdraft on the agreed to monthly amounts, I ask anyways why the gym needs access to my bank account versus me bringing in the $10 monthly. I tell her I would gladly pay up front for the final month. Ms. Gym Sales Employee explains, that they want to keep certain rift raft out of the club. She tells me I would not want certain individuals next to me on a treadmill. I wouldn't? How would she know who I would and not want next to me. Hmmm, I guess she can read my mind. I want stupid old people that are easily conned next to me on the treadmill over someone who is sound with their money.

I proceed to inquire whether someone has a bank account, or more so whether someone allows them access to their bank account has to do with the type individual they are. Lord forbid some smelly homeless man keep scraping up $10 each month and decide to use it to stay fit versus buying food or booze. Ms. Gym Sales Employee said any old body can bring in $10 a month. I asked, "Well, yeah, and if they can don't they have the right to the advertised deal?" Apparently not. She said without giving access to draft payments the only option was to sign a two year contract.

The next time I go to sit down with these type people I will come in singing this little diddy.

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