Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flixster will remain autonomous? Yeah right! So much for Rotten Tomatoes too

Warner Bros. has bought Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes.  Can you say Jump The Shark?

I am not saying Flixster, nor Rotten Tomatoes has jumped the shark yet.  I am saying if you remember the popular Jump The Shark website and know what the TV Guide website did to it after buying it do not be surprised if you see Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes done somewhat the same way.

While I do not see WB whole heatedly dismantling those sites as JTS was done, I do see them over lording the sites with ads for their films and filtering out negative reviews about those films.

Of course there will still be IMDB for independent viewer reviews of movies if that happens.  Oh, and for those that do remember and miss JTS you can always check out Bone The Fish.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ke$ha is annoying me

So lately when I flip radio stations I often hear the latest Ke$sha song, "  It annoys me.  You had one good song and ever since then a bunch of crap.

This place about to blow..your singing is about to make me blow, chunks that is.  So shut your mouth.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

But the yellow part is the good part

I like eggs.  I should be watching my cholesterol.   Everything I read says just eat the egg whites.  Simple.  Problem solved right? Uh, wrong!

Duh! Hello, the yolk is the yummy part.  Do the people writing articles about eggs stop the think about what they are saying? Just eat the white part?  How about you just drive in reverse?! Just the white part, get real.

Most people I know would rather not eat eggs at all  if they cannot eat the whole thing.  Sure, I have eaten just the white part mixed in some tuna salad.  Overall though, if I were to stop eating the yolk I would say my egg consumption would drop 90%.  Thus I would greatly lose out on the protein benefit of said white part.

So here is to you oh delicious egg yolk.  You taste so good with buttery toast and a side of bacon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trump White House's worst nightmare or GOP's worst nightmare?

The Donald, Donald Trump, claims he is the White House's worst nightmare.  Perhaps, but what if he is the worst nightmare for the GOP in their bid for regaining the presidency?

Can Donald Trump be any more obvious that he is saying all the things he thinks right wingers want to hear? He sounds so much like a caricature he is going to make most intelligent people, regardless of ideology suspicious of him.  The problem is, not everyone is intelligent.

Hence, he is just another name for the Grand Old Party to choice from.  Normally, I would blow him off and say it does not matter, because he will not end up being their golden selection.  With his money though, I would not count him out.

Were he to win the primary though, then all bets are off.  When it is boiled down to just the top few people running for the White House (really two since everyone unfortunately ignores anyone that is non-Republican or Democrat) then all of the media will bombard him with questions and hit him with things they have dug up from his background, but are saving up.

Right now Donald Trump sounds like he is going by some Conservative play book. First he questions Obama's birth certificate.  Next he gives cookie cutter answers and cute little stories anyone could easily make up to back his supposed stances.

His friend that almost had an abortion and now loves their child after not going through with it? That could be real, and it better be. The Donald better be ready to give out their name and bring them into the public to prove his story too.

Better watch out Donald Trump, or you might be the one who is fired.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

If I could go back in time

If I could go back in time, I would...

  1. Shake the hand of the person who invented Ramen Noodles
  2. Invest in Microsoft and Walmart before they got big
  3. Slap Marcia Griffiths for the Electric Boogie song
  4. Double Slap Mr. Cheeks for the Cha Cha Slide song
  5. Study harder..perhaps
  6. Use my Ipod to impress people and make them think I was some sort of god
  7. Save Tupac
  8. Inform people how bad things would be after George W. Bush ran the country for eight years
  9. Find the owners of the Triangle Waste Factory and shove my foot up their ****es
  10. Tell Raphael Palmero to just keep his mouth shut
  11. Win, duh
  12. Tell people why they should not board the Hindenburg
  13. Prevent Ghostbusters II from being made
  14. Prevent Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from being made
  15. Hug whoever first thought up milkshakes
  16. Borrow a bass line from a Queen/David Bowie song and write stupid rap lyrics over it so I could become famous
  17. Find Doc Brown, help my would be dad overt trouble with Biff, while also helping him get the affections of my would be mom, then use my DeLorean  accompanied by a lightning strike at the old clock tower to get back to present day..or something like that
  18. Explain to Nate Dogg that the Chronic is apparently not the best medicine for everything
  19. Post humongous signs aboard the Titanic that read, "Warning: Giant Iceberg ahead"
  20. Buy lots of BarNone candy bars before they stopped selling them
  21. Tell Fred Savage and Ben Savage to save their money while they are young as the future does not look so bright for them
  22. Settle the Civil War with a slap bet
  23. Spend more time with loved ones that have passed on
  24. Mess with the Beatles and tell them no one will buy an album with a white cover
  25. Find Michael Jackson after his fifth facial surgery or so and say, "enough is enough already!"
Help me with more people.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen bombed live? Duh!

Well of course Charlie Sheen bombed on the first night of his live show.

What were fans expecting? His is a ranting, raving lunatic who is desperate after getting fired by CBS.

So now some suckers pay to hear his ranting and raving and are disappointed? You should be embarrassed to even admit you paid good money to see Charlie Sheen live.  That is like admitting you got conned by a crackhead.  Oh wait, you did!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Damn you Ruby Tuesday

Damn you Ruby Tuesday.  You took away my Chocolate Tall Cake.  Why not just cut my heart out?

I want my Chocolate Tall Cake! I need my Chocolate Tall Cake! I MUST HAVE MY CHOCOLATE TALL CAKE!!! Hear me Ruby Tuesday?

No one wants your Double Chocolate Cake, nor your Gourmet Cupcakes...well some people might, but not me.  No! I want something big, that includes chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  Also some ice cream.   Ice cream is a must.

Since  I have no Shoney's near by I need this, as I cannot get a Hot Fudge Cake. All I had was the Chocolate Tall Cake at Ruby Tuesday.  Now they have gone and taken it away from me.  Why Lord? Why???

How I feel right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rebecca Black absolutely sucks!

Rebecca Black so awesomely bad? No she just plain out sucks!

She proves once again that you do not have to be talented to become famous.  Unlike Will Smith's daughter, WIlliow Smith, I have no idea of where Rebecca Black came from.

Talent is overrated apparently
I heard the son was auto-tuned, but if it was I did not noticed.  I do know if the voice sounds that bad, even after being auto-tuned, then something is terribly wrong.  She might need to find a career other than singing.  I mean some people were just not meant to do certain things.   Even before using a truckload of steroids and hitting a bunch of home runs, Barry Bonds was an MVP caliber baseball player after all.  So while he did cheat, it is not like he was some scrawny kid with no hand eye coordination.  Please not this is in no way, whatsoever a defense of Mr. Bonds either. I am just saying..

Rebecca Black sucks. She sucks Monday.  She sucks Tuesday. She sucks everyday that ends in "y," especially Friday!  So jump in the backseat Rebecca, because your butt sure ain't deserving of riding shotgun with that awful song.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kystal burgers

I could sure for a Krystal burger right about now.  So small, yet so delicious.  Thinking about that warm, meat or whatever it is, with a pickle and mustard, stuffed between those steamed roll-like buns makes my mouth water.  Mmm!

I only wonder one thing, well besides if it is real meat.  Why do they call Krystal burgers and White Castles' burgers sliders?  Is it because they are so small you can slide them down your throat in one bite?  Is it because you can eat them on a slide, late at night, in a park, where you are hanging with some friends after partaking of some...well..

Why do they call them sliders? I want some Krystals.  Damn!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ann Coulter is now a radiation expert, apparently

Ann Coulter has obviously been exposed to too much radiation.  Her brain is mush.

I am sure she is just trying to quell any fear of nuclear power and lord forbid, make people cautious of nuclear power plants.  She is scared this might mean that the poor, rich power companies might not make as much money.

Well you can relax Ms. Coulter, or can I call you Ann? We need energy and even many of the evil, leftist, loony, socialists, as you call them, such as the current President, are for Nuclear energy.  

Unlike you though, they do believe in some regulation just to be sure we are safe.  You know, not wanting our kids to glow in the dark and all.  Perhaps you should have watched HBO's special on the Triangle Factory fire tonight.  It might remind, or teach in your case, why we unfortunately do not some oversight.  

Radiation good for you, indeed!

Do girls really want guys like in romantic movies?

You ever notice that what is perceived as romantic in movies could often times be seen as stalking in real life?

Think about it.  Sure, girls say they wish a guy would do one of the many "romantic" things we see in films, but would they really?

Can you say, "stalker"?
Lloyd Dobler standing outside the window holding the radio? In the movie; sweet.  If some guy did that in real life though, he would have a restraining order placed on him faster than he could say, "in your eyes."

That is right ladies.  Do not pretend that you really want an ex boyfriend showing up everywhere you go in disguise, like Randy, in Valley Girl.  If that really happened you would get angrier than a Eminem in well, just about every song he comes out with.   

Edward Scissorhands?! Need we go there? That would just be creepy...

Then again in real life rich men do not fall in love with hookers.  Sorry all you Pretty Woman fans.

Thoughts? Let me know what you think and subscribe if you want any future rants or other such thoughts on films.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT&T buying T-Mobile? Boo!

AT&T has agreed to terms to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG.  Just great!

As the cell phone industry ages, instead of more and more choices, we seem to keep ending up with less and less.  That is ironic as there are more and more customers every day.

I understand some larger companies buying up smaller companies, but pretty soon it will be down to one or two companies tops.  We could be looking at a monopoly one day. Think about it:

T-Mobile bought out VoiceStream, which had bought out Powertell .  Not long ago they also  purchased SunCom.   Sprint purchased Nextel, AT&T Cingular, Verizon Alltel.  The options keep dwindling folks.

How long before Sprint is gobbled up by AT&T or Verizon? Then who is left to compete with the Goliaths? Metro PCS? They don't count.    Will regulators stop the merger of the 2nd and 4th largest providers? From what I have seen in my lifetime of government, I am going to have to say, "What is no, Alex?"

Of course on a personal level, I am mad.  T-Mobile actual offers a cheap price plan I can live with.  I guess soon I will have to kiss that goodbye.  Thank you German sellouts!

So if the merger eventually goes through, who should I go with, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon? Feedback please!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmed for The Dark Knight Rises, who is next?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has officially been confirmed to have a major role in The Dark Knight Rises, the next in the Batman series. It is said he will play the role of Alberto Falcone.
Hmmm! Anyone seeing a pattern here.  Heath Ledger, check.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, check.  No, you don't see it?  Okay, so maybe it is only obvious to me.

Think back about ten years or so.  Remember a certain particular teen romance comedy?  Yup, I am talking about 10 Things I Hate About You.

That would mean in the fourth movie upcoming in the new Batman series, and we all know it is coming (it is just a matter of time, unless of course they decide it is time to reboot the series yet again) we might see Julia Styles or David Krumholtz.   In what roles, I have no idea.  Perhaps The Huntress and Calender Man respectively, long time of favorites of Batman fans.

Then again, they could always get Freddie Prinze Jr.  Awesome no?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Proper English - on tomorrow?

Lately I notice many people saying, "on tomorrow," or something similar.  Why?  Hello, proper English?

An example would be, "I am going to do that on today."   What the H-E-double hockey sticks!? Does that sound right to you?  Is that the English language we learned? Why would someone not just say, "I am going to do that today"?

Now, if for example, you were going to specify a later day in the week, I could understand, "I am going to work out on Wednesday."  "I am going to rehearse on the 23rd."  Those sound better.   The "on" though not always necessary in those situations, but still fits.

So if you catch someone saying "..on today," or "..on tomorrow" shake your head at them in disgust for me.  Thanks.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

BMG Music

Does anyone remember BMG Music or Columbia House?

I was just thinking about how I got lots of music back before the days of being able to download songs online.

Mail order CD clubs were awesome
I had tons of CDs before I ever had Itunes.  How did I get all of them? The same way many people my age or older got them, through music clubs such as Columbia House and BMG Music.

We would sign up, select our 8 to 10 free CDs and the one to six full priced CDs we had to purchase,  send off along with the payment and shipping and handling, receive them, cancel, then join again later under a different name.  It was wonderful.

I wondered if these music clubs were still around so I went to their websites. I tried BMG Music, but the links came up to dead ends.  Next,  I typed www columbia house into my browser and sure enough they are still there.  But wait, they are now a dvd club.  Columbia house dvd anyone?

I guess the online music evolution really did kill their CD sales.  I imagine with all the stores selling used dvds and people now downloading movies it is only a matter of time before the dvd club goes the way of the dinosaurs as well.

I cannot say I really miss them that bad, but those sure were the good old days of getting lots of music without spending a fortune.  It almost felt like you were getting over on them.  Like you were pulling a fast one and the big companies were too stupid to even realize who was scamming who.

Who else remembers these wonderful music clubs?

Girls Scout cookies Thin Mints - I love them

I love Girl Scout cookies, particularly Thin Mints.

cookies of the gods
They are a gift from the heavens.  No, scratch that.  They are from beyond the heavens.

Those cookies are so good once I started eating some, and even though my stomach told me to stop, I could not stop stuffing the little delights into my mouth until the box was empty.  Thankfully another box was not in sight.

So if you happen to pass by some Girl Scouts selling some Thin Mints, please GET ME SOME!!! Please and thanks!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update: Charlie Sheen suing Chuck Lorrie?

Charlie Sheenless 
Breaking news: Apparently Chuck Lorrie made Charlie Sheen the a$$hole he is today so Sheen is suing him in return.

Charlie Sheen feels his firing has nothing to do with his wild tirades against the Warner Bros studio and the Two and a Half Men producers.  He knows it had nothing to do with his partying with escorts, nor drinking and doing lots of recreational drugs.  Nope.

Charlie knows his treatment of women and his wild reputation are not what caused him to get the ax.  No.  He knows what the 411 is.  Chuck Lorrie just hates him.  Yup.  makes sense.

Good luck your lawsuit Charlie.  I am sure it won't get thrown out faster than you can say hooker.  Maybe you can sue Jon Stamos if he gets an offer to replace you on Two and a Half Men.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIP Mike Starr

RIP Mike Starr
Mike Starr, another member of the great rock band Alice in Chains has passed away.

Starr played on Alice in Chains first two albums.  Drugs likely took him, as they did former AIC front man Layne Staley.

Are drugs part of the rock image? Yes.  Does it make it any less sad when we hear such news though? No.  Most of us really do not want to see someone burn out.  Fading away might not be graceful, but deep down we would all rather see music stars just ease into a less social existence than end up like a Kurt Cobain.

RIP Mr. Starr. May you and Mr. Staley put on a kick a$$ show for the man above.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Update: Charlie Sheen fired from Two and a Half Men

Recently I blogged about one of Hollywood's most level headed, down to earth actors.  That is right, I am talking about Charlie Sheen.

Well today the news broke that Charlie Sheen was fired from the hit CBS series Two and a Half Men.  Why would they do such a thing? Well obviously they are just evil, rich jerks who do not care about ratings or money as much as destroying the lives of a wonderful human being.  Mr. Sheen donates over half his salary to charity. Instead of partying and doing drugs like some major stars, he spends his time giving back to the community by working at soup kitchens and spending time with sick children in hospitals.

What? Wrong actor? Oops, never mind!

So what do you think of Charlie Sheen being fired from Two and a Half Men? Leave me feedback.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Google algorithm

there is a new Google algorithm
There is a new Google algorithm.  Here is what I have heard is now the Google algorithm.  I have nothing to confirm this is correct, but you can have a look for yourself.

(Kw Usage Score * 0.3) + (Domain * 0.25) + (blackmail photos of any Google executives*.95)+(PR Score * 0.25) + (pictures of near naked, but not completely naked women*.015)+(Inbound Link Score * 0.25) + (User Data * 0.1) + (Content Quality Score * 0.1) + (mention of the words SEO and how to make money online*.01)+(Manual Boosts) - mention of the words "Bing" or "Facebook")

There you have it.  I hope this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tip helps you internet marketers out there. The new Google algorithm should help decrease content farms, pig farms and give a direct karate kick to the face of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.  Hhhhyah!

Buying health insurance

I am glad I soon will be buying health insurance from the company I recently started working with.  Group rates make useful insurance doable.  Unfortunately buying private health insurance means paying lots of money for very little coverage in return.

My Doctor if I do not get company insurance soon
When I had a plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield I was paying close to $150.00 a month for coverage with a $5,000 deductible a year.  That was with me being fairly young (not in my 20s anymore, but not near 40 either), good weight, no smoking or drinking habits, no drug habits and no chronic health problems.    If I actually needed something other than a lung transplant the only doctor I would be able to afford to see is a Hooter's girl who practiced medicine on the side when not lifeguarding for the summer.  Seriously!

Why did I get the insurance you ask? It would be good were I to have some major accident or something.  So I will not say it was all bad.  Still, it was not something I could use for a regular doctor's visit if I had the flu or something like that.

I have heard many politicians say joining collectives would allow individuals the ability to pull their buying power together as a group (these same politicians are against unions though, hmmn).  Unfortunately I was unable to find one of these collectives.  They sound good in theory, but without a company behind them I have not found one that actually exists.

Another thing I read was that interstate laws for insurance needed to be broken up so insurers could sell across state lines. Why that would drive the prices down.  Unfortunately many of the same insurance companies, i.e. Blue Cross Blue Shield, operate in many states, just under different sub companies.  Therefore I am not so sure prices would be affected much.  Even when there are several choices of private insurance companies in a given state the prices are about what I mentioned previously.  Apparently those who think the private sector can always work everything out with deregulation (and before you think I am some socialist, I believe in the basics of the free market, but also believe it needs supervision unfortunately) forget the one big flaw with capitalism - collusion.

Sure one insurance company could suddenly drop prices and try to gain more market hold, but then the other companies would soon follow and then they would all be making less.  That or the other companies would dig up dirt and use their lobbyists to have that company buried.    After all, you do not see Sony undercutting the cost of Compact Discs versus the other CD manufacturers.  Nope.  Heck, in the music industry though they are separate companies, they get to meet as a group called the Recording Industry of America (RIAA).  Convenient isn't it?

So I guess what I am saying, is if all these so called conservatives really want people to go out there and start up their own individual businesses, they better find a way for these people to get individual insurance that is worth a darn and does not cost a fortune.  There simply has got to be a better way to buy health insurance.  Real health insurance!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen - high on life...or coke

Charlie Sheen recently said he was high on life.  I guess "life" is a new way of saying cocaine, meth, heroine or some other sort of narcotic.  I think he is too classy for meth or heroine though.  No sir, none of that low street grade crap for Charlie.  Pure Colombian snow though? Certainly.  Only the finest for Mr. Sheen.

Then again maybe "life" means the feeling you get from smacking around a hooker.  Yes, that's it!
Charlie Sheen partying

Or better yet, perhaps it means both.  There you go! Charlie was high on some coke, slapping hoes, putting them in their place, and to him, that is what "life" is all about.

No, there has to be more.  Hmm...okay, high? Check.  Hooker...err, I mean escort? Check.

Now what else? Oh, I know, he was also downing a bottle of champagne.  Gots to have to have the champagne to celebrate.  What next?  Oh yes, a donkey. Why not? Every good party needs a donkey.  One donkey and female performer to go along with said donkey? Check.

So Charlie was powdering his nose, sipping on some Delphine Boutier, when some low class call girl stepped in his view of the Donkey Show, then, POW, he had to pop her one to put her into place.  She awoke the sleeping giant.  She better check herself before she wrecks herself.  Anyways, it all makes sense now.

So you see, Charlie Sheen really was high on life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker - right or a douche?

What does everyone think of the Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, right about now?

Do you agree with his battle with public workers or think he is union busting on behalf of rich corporate fat cats such as David Koch?

Leave me feedback.  Thanks.

Justin Bieber sucks

Justin Bieber sucks.

That is right.  Justin Bieber sucks lollipops, suckers and sweet tarts.

Oh, and when his throat is hurting he sucks lemons and honey, Halls and Sucrets.

When his breath is kickin' he sucks on Mintos, Tic Tacs and Altoids.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tony Goldwyn - is he always the bad guy?

Is it just me or is Tony Goldwyn always the bad guy? I can name three just off the top of my head:

  1. Ghost - plays Carl, who betrays his best friend Sam (Patrick Swayze) and tries to get with Sam's wife Molly..mmmm...Molly (Demi Moore)
  2. The 6th Day - plays..ummm...I forgot, and it is not really worth looking up..some evil dude, who gives Arnold Schwarzenegger's character (also too lazy to look up) a reason to kick butt, as usual.
  3. The Mechanic (remake) - plays Dean, who betrays a long time business partner and tries to get with..oh, no wait, he did not try to get with anybody's wife, but gives Arthur Bishop (Jason Stathom) a reason to kick butt, as usual.

Granted I have not seen lots of movies or shows he has been in, but when I have seen him he has been the bad guy, or in the case of the remake of Last House on the Left, he was not the bad guy, but he was still had a mean streak to him (understandably so for the character I suppose).

I wonder if directors just look at this guy and go, "Gee, this guy gives me the creeps.  I am gonna cast him as the bad guy," or perhaps, "Wow, I can just look at this guys and picture 'jerk.' Quick! Somebody have him read the part of the guy who betrays his best friend for some money."  That or he is just not good looking enough to cast as a good guy.  Who really knows.

Any actors or actresses that you always seem to see portraying a villain?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

High search engine ranking optimization

This blog is about high search engine ranking optimization.

Search engine rank optimization is very important for today's bloggers, especially those who do not have much of an advertising budget.  To traffic to grow organically some things fellow bloggers can do:
high search engine ranking optimization
  1.  Keywords tool - use a keyword analysis tool, such as the Google's Adword Keyword Tool. Find combination of words to form key phrases that show will bring some traffic, but not so much that it will bury your page in the search engines' results.
  2. Keyword placement - Place one of your best keyphrases in your title.
  3. Search engine copywriting - Place some other related keyphrases in your text near the top of your blog entry.
  4.  Asset tags and labels - If your blog allows tags or labels, use more of your keyword phrases, or some of the previous ones here as well.
  5. Optimizing graphics - Add images to your blog. Make sure that they have captions containing the best keywords.  Image placement is also important.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Ipod

New Ipod
The new Ipod Touch...it does:

  1. It feeds your baby
  2. It changes the oil in your car
  3. It plays the guitar
  4. It makes you supper
  5. It saves drowning children
  6. It walks your dog
  7. It finishes homework
  8. It calculates quantum physics
  9. It balances the budget
  10. It does what Chuck Norris cannot do
  11. It makes love to your spouse..better than you can
  12. It makes the donuts
  13. It takes your confession
  14. It rocks
  15. It is it
The new Ipod...it does everything.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Rock back on Monday Night Raw

The Rock was back on WWE Monday Night Raw and he is still the most electrifying man in entertainment.

In front of the millions, and millions of the Rock's fans, the Brama Bull, the Great One,  the jabroni beatin', pie eating, trail-blazin', eyebrow raisin' People's Champ said he is finally back.

The Rock returns to host this year's Wrestlemania.  Not only that, but he has called out The Miz and John Cena.  He said what many in the crowd already knew, that since the days of "Austin 3:16" and "If you smell what the Rock is cooking", the WWE has been lame.

It took long enough, but finally, the Rock has come back home.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guitar Hero gone

Guitar Hero franchise is finished
RIP Guitar Hero!

The hit video game franchise has ended. For anyone who likes to play Guitar Hero this is a sad day, but one we knew would inevitably come.

With the copy cat games, along with so many Guitar Hero games themselves, the trend was bound to grow old quickly.

Now if only there were no more new Zelda games.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt latest news

Mubarak resigns - Egypt's new ruler
Cario - Egypt has a new leader.  Hosni Mubarak has stepped down.

After Mubarak resigned many have wondered who would take control.  The answer now seems clear.

The new group taking control had heavy influence on the nation during its long history, but in recent years has largely been out of the spotlight.  They felt the time was right to step in and make their presence known once again.

The new rulers wasted little time in getting to work. The first order of business was to change the national anthem, to the popular 80's dance tune, Egypt, Egypt, by the Egyptian Lover.

They were also scouting new land for possible annexation.  Footage can be seen here.

More to come as the news breaks.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keith Olbermann move puzzling

I wonder if Keith Olbermann left MSNBC on his own or was pushed out.

Keith Olbermann fired
Though MSNBC was not a powerhouse in the ratings, it dwarfs Current TV.

Of course Olbermann was one of the more popular draws on the now Comcast owned cable network may have fired him, though nothing is real clear as to if they did or gave him some ultimatums about his show.

Does he think he can really make a difference with an audience of less than 25,000? Perhaps Olbermann believes his addition will get Current TV picked up by more cable companies.  As left leaning as MSNBC is though, they are not headed by Al Gore.  Plus they have the power of NBC behind them.  Thus I do not see Olbermann helping Current TV going big time.

If anything, I think this move may bury Olbermann for now.  At least until he realizes it is a mistake and takes a bigger contract elsewhere.  He might realize it is not a big move and just be trying to keep his name out there for now.  Only he really knows.  Personally, I think he should get back to sports and leave the political talk to others.  That is probably just me though.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Was Ronald Reagan a great President

Was Ronald Reagan a great President?

That is a question I pose. I would like whoever reads this to share their opinions about why or why not.

Ronald Reagan Presidency
Do you believe he helped end the Soviet threat of spreading communism and bring down the Berlin wall, yes or no?

Do you believe the Iran-Contra Affair marred his Presidency and should have caused him to be impeached?

Was he a great communicator or great manipulator?

Did his negotiating with terrorists and raising taxes contradict the legend many have created for him?

Please share your thoughts.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Packers win Super Bowl 31- 25

Packers win Super Bowl
 Dallas - The Green Bay Packers have just won the Super Bowl.
Well not really! Not yet anyways.

I predict the Packers will win won Super Bowl 45 though, 31-17 25.  Pittsburgh will give gave them a fight.  Green Bay will pull away by a two score lead and hold hung on in the second half though.

Movie remakes I would like to see

Hollywood loves remakes.  Sometimes they turn out nearly as good, or even better than the original.  Often times they fail to be as good though.  Below are some movies I would like Hollywood remake.

Valley Girl - I know, I know, it will be hard to replace Nicholas Cage, but it can be done.  There are still some good young actors and actresses out there.  It is just hard for casting directors to find them when they focus so hard on model good looks for every role.  Times have changed since this film came out, and it is definitely starting to look dated.  I was tempted to put Fast Times at Ridgemont High on the list, but unlike VG, it would require replacing more than just one good actor, and not sure it could be pulled off as well.

Revenge of the Nerds - Again, finding capable people today of giving life to the characters could be a question mark, but this definitely needs to be brought into the modern age.  Just think of all the nerdy things that have come around since 1983 that they could make fun of.

Used Cars - Kurt Russell was great, but I think if you put someone like a Vince Vaughn or even Callard Harris from TBS's Glory Daze in there and polish it with some new tweaks it could turn out well.  It was pretty wild for its time, so now they could amp it up even more. Besides, it is not considered a classic by most so there would be few who complain about this one being redone, and even if there were, Hollywood would care less, as usual.

Re-Animator - since there seems to be a lack of originality lately, the least they could do is remake some crazier films than Halloween and Friday the 13th. Those slasher films gain little by remakes, but movies that have dated special effects might be worth the effort.

Cannibal Ferox, aka Make Them Die Slowly - The original had no deep redeeming values so no one should care if it is redone.  They could find, or at least try to find, ways to make it more gruesome.

Poltergeist -  If you think this is untouchable, watch it again.  You will definitely notice it is slow paces, and nothing thrilling by today's standards.  This one would need changes to the story to keep today's audiences captivated unfortunately.

Clash of the Titans - Just think how great this could be with modern day special effects really being pushed to the limit, and keeping true to the original screenplay...oh wait, they already remade this, and did not keep true to the old film.  No, instead they thought Perseus should have a crew cut, be like a bull headed action figure like any other action movie. At least they salvaged it with their 3-D version...oh, no, that is right.  That screwed that up too.

Police Academy -  I am not sure if this one, like Poltergeist, just doesn't seem as great by comparison to what has come out since, or if the jokes were lame even back then.  I was a child when I saw it after all.  Still, I think they could somehow remake this into something new.

Nightmare on Elm Street - see Clash of the Titans above

What are some movies you would like to see remade? What changes would you like to see done, if any and what actors/actresses would you possibly like to see in the main roles?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian silver paint cover

Kim Kardashian was upset over some photo of her that shows a nipple and butt crack.  Wait, isn't there a home made sex tape of here floating around out there?
Kim Kardashian silver picture
Later she came out proud of the pictures? Maybe she is bipolar.  

Kim needs to relax.  I mean millions of males across the world would line up to tap that. A few funny looking photos is not going to take that away from her.  She is still a strong object of sexual desire.

As for respect, well she had nothing to lose there to begin with.  Kim, we never respected you to begin with.  We still want to play tune in Tokyo with you though, and one out of two ain't bad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Advice for Jay Cutler from Regina George and more

Jay Cutler pumped
Relax Chicago Bears fans.  Now Jay Cutler can focus on the true championship, the Mr. Olympia.  Oops, sorry that is the wrong Jay Cutler.  I am sorry for mixing the two up. As Regina George, from Mean Girls would say, "I know, right?"
 I mean after all, The International Federation of Body Building's pro may take all sorts of anabolic steroids and human growth hormones, but at least he is not a quitter.  Oh, and he has won his sport's (is it really a sport? hmmm) ultimate title.

I was surprised the Jay Cutler who plays in the NFL got so upset when he heard what his contemporaries had to say about it.  I thought he would be like (another Regina George quote), "Okay, I'm going to forgive you because I'm a very Zen person... and I'm on a lot of pain medication right now. "

Kudos to Jessie Ventura for fighting the TSA.  He might seem a little crazy at times, but I think he has more common sense in one pinkie than most of our currently employed politicians do.  Jessie ain't got time to be felt up.  Heck, he ain't got time to bleed!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why are older actors playing younger roles?

So I was watching The Hot Chick the other night.  I noticed one of the actors in it playing a high school student also played one in 2009’s Fired Up!.  So I checked to see how old The Hot Chick was.  It turns out it came out in 2002.  Not really surprising the actor, Eric Christian Olsen, is still playing younger characters, as he does look young, for his age.  

Old actors playing teenagers
Not only does it turn out he was way over the age he played in Fired Up!, but he was also much older than a high school student, at least one not held back constantly, at the time The Hot Chick was filmed.  He is close to 34 years of age.  His costar in Fired Up!? Well he, Nicholas D'Agosto, is about 30 years old.  Kind of ironic they were cracking jokes about people over 30 in the movie huh? Good inside jokes from Hollywood I suppose or perhaps just simple irony.

John Hughes was credited with having real teenagers in his movies.  That is true to a point.  Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, Mia Sarah, Ilan Mitchell-Smith were all teenagers. Most of us know Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck were well beyond his teenage years by the time Ferris Bueller's Day Off came out though.  This goes for many other stars of his films.  

Why does Hollywood constantly use older people to play teenagers? Someone suggested perhaps child labor laws, or because they want scenes that require nudity, kissing, etc that child actors would not be able to perform.  

Could it also just be that Hollywood wants everyone to have a perfect image? Lord forbid a teenager in a movie have a blemish!

So do you feel since movies are fantasy Hollywood should continue to put the best possible actor/actress, regardless of age, into such roles, or should they hire more true to age? Thoughts?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vampires not scary anymore

Vampires are not very scary now.  I mean lets face it, when millions of girls have posters of today’s Hollywood vampires alongside pictures of Justin Bieber then you know times have changed.

Twilight: Justin Beiber
I admit I watch HBO’s True Blood.  It is addicting.  I also admit it is a soap opera.  The sad thing is, the vampires in it look scary when compared to those in the Twilight movies.  Somehow, I doubt the ones in the Vampire’s Assistant are  much scarier.  

Looking back at a teenage vampire flick from the 1980's that I loved, The Lost Boys, I remember them being somewhat similar pretty boy blood suckers.  The comparison ends there though.  Despite their heartthrob looks the bad guys in The Lost Boys were not falling in love with mortal girls, or anyone else for that matter.  They were vampires.    They were out for blood.  They had fun trying to kill people.  That is what vampires do.  That is until now I suppose.

Now vampires are supposed to wake up at night, pout their lips, put on some stylish clothes with lots of black in their ensembles, style their hair, and perhaps dab on some makeup.  If you see one you not grab a crucifix, nor holy water.   You would not run.  You would laugh and say, "Hey, emo kid, got get a ****ing tan."

It pains me to say that 30 Days of Night, which is a pretty abysmal movie, is the best vampire movie I have seen in the last few years, and I am not even a huge vampire fan.  I have always preferred werewolf movies.

I imagine if I see New Moon that I will look back at Wes Craven’s Cursed as a horror masterpiece.  

Yes, I know, I know, another 80’s film, Teen Wolf, did briefly try to take all the (cue lame pun) bite out of werewolf movies briefly and try to aim itself at a teen audience.  That was a comedy though, and Michael J. Fox did not walk around brooding, taking himself too seriously in it.  

Yes, these cool as hell new age vampires are bringing sexy back, but who is going to bring the fright back?  Where is Team I Pissed My Pants or Team He Bit my Head Off?

(Cue another bad pun) The final nail in the coffin:  Tom Cruise in Interview with The Vampire , in all his androgyny, put more fear into my heart than these latest so called Vampires.  Now that is really scary!