Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keith Olbermann move puzzling

I wonder if Keith Olbermann left MSNBC on his own or was pushed out.

Keith Olbermann fired
Though MSNBC was not a powerhouse in the ratings, it dwarfs Current TV.

Of course Olbermann was one of the more popular draws on the now Comcast owned cable network may have fired him, though nothing is real clear as to if they did or gave him some ultimatums about his show.

Does he think he can really make a difference with an audience of less than 25,000? Perhaps Olbermann believes his addition will get Current TV picked up by more cable companies.  As left leaning as MSNBC is though, they are not headed by Al Gore.  Plus they have the power of NBC behind them.  Thus I do not see Olbermann helping Current TV going big time.

If anything, I think this move may bury Olbermann for now.  At least until he realizes it is a mistake and takes a bigger contract elsewhere.  He might realize it is not a big move and just be trying to keep his name out there for now.  Only he really knows.  Personally, I think he should get back to sports and leave the political talk to others.  That is probably just me though.

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  1. You are full of BS.!!!!
    Keith will still speak for the left.