Saturday, February 19, 2011

High search engine ranking optimization

This blog is about high search engine ranking optimization.

Search engine rank optimization is very important for today's bloggers, especially those who do not have much of an advertising budget.  To traffic to grow organically some things fellow bloggers can do:
high search engine ranking optimization
  1.  Keywords tool - use a keyword analysis tool, such as the Google's Adword Keyword Tool. Find combination of words to form key phrases that show will bring some traffic, but not so much that it will bury your page in the search engines' results.
  2. Keyword placement - Place one of your best keyphrases in your title.
  3. Search engine copywriting - Place some other related keyphrases in your text near the top of your blog entry.
  4.  Asset tags and labels - If your blog allows tags or labels, use more of your keyword phrases, or some of the previous ones here as well.
  5. Optimizing graphics - Add images to your blog. Make sure that they have captions containing the best keywords.  Image placement is also important.

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