Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen - high on life...or coke

Charlie Sheen recently said he was high on life.  I guess "life" is a new way of saying cocaine, meth, heroine or some other sort of narcotic.  I think he is too classy for meth or heroine though.  No sir, none of that low street grade crap for Charlie.  Pure Colombian snow though? Certainly.  Only the finest for Mr. Sheen.

Then again maybe "life" means the feeling you get from smacking around a hooker.  Yes, that's it!
Charlie Sheen partying

Or better yet, perhaps it means both.  There you go! Charlie was high on some coke, slapping hoes, putting them in their place, and to him, that is what "life" is all about.

No, there has to be more.  Hmm...okay, high? Check.  Hooker...err, I mean escort? Check.

Now what else? Oh, I know, he was also downing a bottle of champagne.  Gots to have to have the champagne to celebrate.  What next?  Oh yes, a donkey. Why not? Every good party needs a donkey.  One donkey and female performer to go along with said donkey? Check.

So Charlie was powdering his nose, sipping on some Delphine Boutier, when some low class call girl stepped in his view of the Donkey Show, then, POW, he had to pop her one to put her into place.  She awoke the sleeping giant.  She better check herself before she wrecks herself.  Anyways, it all makes sense now.

So you see, Charlie Sheen really was high on life.


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  2. Lay off Charlie, you are just jealous

  3. Just because people can blog, does not mean they should blog. Shouldn't blogs be informative?

  4. i agree with this anonymous person ^. charlie's the shit. i love him.