Sunday, February 6, 2011

Movie remakes I would like to see

Hollywood loves remakes.  Sometimes they turn out nearly as good, or even better than the original.  Often times they fail to be as good though.  Below are some movies I would like Hollywood remake.

Valley Girl - I know, I know, it will be hard to replace Nicholas Cage, but it can be done.  There are still some good young actors and actresses out there.  It is just hard for casting directors to find them when they focus so hard on model good looks for every role.  Times have changed since this film came out, and it is definitely starting to look dated.  I was tempted to put Fast Times at Ridgemont High on the list, but unlike VG, it would require replacing more than just one good actor, and not sure it could be pulled off as well.

Revenge of the Nerds - Again, finding capable people today of giving life to the characters could be a question mark, but this definitely needs to be brought into the modern age.  Just think of all the nerdy things that have come around since 1983 that they could make fun of.

Used Cars - Kurt Russell was great, but I think if you put someone like a Vince Vaughn or even Callard Harris from TBS's Glory Daze in there and polish it with some new tweaks it could turn out well.  It was pretty wild for its time, so now they could amp it up even more. Besides, it is not considered a classic by most so there would be few who complain about this one being redone, and even if there were, Hollywood would care less, as usual.

Re-Animator - since there seems to be a lack of originality lately, the least they could do is remake some crazier films than Halloween and Friday the 13th. Those slasher films gain little by remakes, but movies that have dated special effects might be worth the effort.

Cannibal Ferox, aka Make Them Die Slowly - The original had no deep redeeming values so no one should care if it is redone.  They could find, or at least try to find, ways to make it more gruesome.

Poltergeist -  If you think this is untouchable, watch it again.  You will definitely notice it is slow paces, and nothing thrilling by today's standards.  This one would need changes to the story to keep today's audiences captivated unfortunately.

Clash of the Titans - Just think how great this could be with modern day special effects really being pushed to the limit, and keeping true to the original screenplay...oh wait, they already remade this, and did not keep true to the old film.  No, instead they thought Perseus should have a crew cut, be like a bull headed action figure like any other action movie. At least they salvaged it with their 3-D version...oh, no, that is right.  That screwed that up too.

Police Academy -  I am not sure if this one, like Poltergeist, just doesn't seem as great by comparison to what has come out since, or if the jokes were lame even back then.  I was a child when I saw it after all.  Still, I think they could somehow remake this into something new.

Nightmare on Elm Street - see Clash of the Titans above

What are some movies you would like to see remade? What changes would you like to see done, if any and what actors/actresses would you possibly like to see in the main roles?

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