Monday, February 21, 2011

Tony Goldwyn - is he always the bad guy?

Is it just me or is Tony Goldwyn always the bad guy? I can name three just off the top of my head:

  1. Ghost - plays Carl, who betrays his best friend Sam (Patrick Swayze) and tries to get with Sam's wife Molly..mmmm...Molly (Demi Moore)
  2. The 6th Day - plays..ummm...I forgot, and it is not really worth looking up..some evil dude, who gives Arnold Schwarzenegger's character (also too lazy to look up) a reason to kick butt, as usual.
  3. The Mechanic (remake) - plays Dean, who betrays a long time business partner and tries to get with..oh, no wait, he did not try to get with anybody's wife, but gives Arthur Bishop (Jason Stathom) a reason to kick butt, as usual.

Granted I have not seen lots of movies or shows he has been in, but when I have seen him he has been the bad guy, or in the case of the remake of Last House on the Left, he was not the bad guy, but he was still had a mean streak to him (understandably so for the character I suppose).

I wonder if directors just look at this guy and go, "Gee, this guy gives me the creeps.  I am gonna cast him as the bad guy," or perhaps, "Wow, I can just look at this guys and picture 'jerk.' Quick! Somebody have him read the part of the guy who betrays his best friend for some money."  That or he is just not good looking enough to cast as a good guy.  Who really knows.

Any actors or actresses that you always seem to see portraying a villain?

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