Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Damn you Ruby Tuesday

Damn you Ruby Tuesday.  You took away my Chocolate Tall Cake.  Why not just cut my heart out?

I want my Chocolate Tall Cake! I need my Chocolate Tall Cake! I MUST HAVE MY CHOCOLATE TALL CAKE!!! Hear me Ruby Tuesday?

No one wants your Double Chocolate Cake, nor your Gourmet Cupcakes...well some people might, but not me.  No! I want something big, that includes chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  Also some ice cream.   Ice cream is a must.

Since  I have no Shoney's near by I need this, as I cannot get a Hot Fudge Cake. All I had was the Chocolate Tall Cake at Ruby Tuesday.  Now they have gone and taken it away from me.  Why Lord? Why???

How I feel right now.

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