Monday, March 21, 2011

Do girls really want guys like in romantic movies?

You ever notice that what is perceived as romantic in movies could often times be seen as stalking in real life?

Think about it.  Sure, girls say they wish a guy would do one of the many "romantic" things we see in films, but would they really?

Can you say, "stalker"?
Lloyd Dobler standing outside the window holding the radio? In the movie; sweet.  If some guy did that in real life though, he would have a restraining order placed on him faster than he could say, "in your eyes."

That is right ladies.  Do not pretend that you really want an ex boyfriend showing up everywhere you go in disguise, like Randy, in Valley Girl.  If that really happened you would get angrier than a Eminem in well, just about every song he comes out with.   

Edward Scissorhands?! Need we go there? That would just be creepy...

Then again in real life rich men do not fall in love with hookers.  Sorry all you Pretty Woman fans.

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