Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rebecca Black absolutely sucks!

Rebecca Black so awesomely bad? No she just plain out sucks!

She proves once again that you do not have to be talented to become famous.  Unlike Will Smith's daughter, WIlliow Smith, I have no idea of where Rebecca Black came from.

Talent is overrated apparently
I heard the son was auto-tuned, but if it was I did not noticed.  I do know if the voice sounds that bad, even after being auto-tuned, then something is terribly wrong.  She might need to find a career other than singing.  I mean some people were just not meant to do certain things.   Even before using a truckload of steroids and hitting a bunch of home runs, Barry Bonds was an MVP caliber baseball player after all.  So while he did cheat, it is not like he was some scrawny kid with no hand eye coordination.  Please not this is in no way, whatsoever a defense of Mr. Bonds either. I am just saying..

Rebecca Black sucks. She sucks Monday.  She sucks Tuesday. She sucks everyday that ends in "y," especially Friday!  So jump in the backseat Rebecca, because your butt sure ain't deserving of riding shotgun with that awful song.


  1. Leave her alone

    1. Too late, this song has already plagued humanity.

  2. No one should leave her alone. Its only because her song sucks so bad that she got popular. How backwards is that?! Real talent gets pushed aside for little wretches like her.

  3. i agree with anoymnoues number two she only got popular from her crappy song D:

  4. She needs to leave US alone.

  5. We don't hate because she's famous..she's famous because we hate=infamous this little rich whorelette left high school because she got picked on....umm everyone gets picked on in high school, but she's special. Someday the industry will swing back to people with talent and leave this hack along with Katy perry, kardashians, etc... And we question why terrorists hate

  6. Anon 1

    Rebecca is that You?

    Fuck.Ive seen A whole lot of shitty songs in my day but this just takes the cake.

    Fine Her voice is.... ok? no less than that...hmmmm you know what Im not sure anymore but I do know that the lyrics were just.... oh god that was horrible.

    "Yeah? maybe she wasnt the one who made the lyrics!"

    And she still chose to cont. singing it. dear lord child have a little bit of pride left.

  7. She's not hurting anyone else, leave her alone.
    Her song isn't the first, or last pop song
    that is going to suck.
    Let this kid have her moment in the lime light, and then move on. There must be bigger issues to
    deal with.

    Why don't we all complain about our lousy economy, and quit focusing on a 13 year old's attempt at musical talent. I would have to say the bankers,and hedge fund managers in this country, have hurt the average U.S. citizen alot worse than Rebecca Black has. And they are supposed to have an adult's maturity, intellect,(and intelligence?).

  8. You're right. She sucks. Really, really sucks. I mean OK great she tried. And failed. Miserably. Her parents should have had the common decency to tell her that she doesn't have the musical chops to sing, never mind sing this atrocious piece of garbage. She probably deserves whatever she's kind of grief she's getting for being so stupid and clueless for not realizing just how absolutely awful this "artistic effort" is. Sadly yet another no talent, pathetic attention whore put on display to the delight of the unwashed masses. Sad commentary on our society indeed.

  9. people who say rude stuff like these are the reason why bullying exists and many lives are killed...there is such a things as freedom to express your rights, but it does not apply when its at the cost of hurting somebody just for the sake of enjoyment

    Fine, she sucks, but you can't blame her for not being perfect, and for dreaming. Why do you people do this? Trying to ruin people's lives, people you don't even know. The crap you hear about not changing because you are who you are is stupid honestly. This thing only applies to people who are good and are to be bad or push themselves around, not for mean assholes. They deserve to be who they are because they respect other people, so they should be respected too. But I guess people who write stupid mean stuff like some of the ones above me won't care, fine, don't change. You ain't worth my time, you'll learn soon enough.

  10. fuck you bitch, you suck !