Monday, March 21, 2011

Ann Coulter is now a radiation expert, apparently

Ann Coulter has obviously been exposed to too much radiation.  Her brain is mush.

I am sure she is just trying to quell any fear of nuclear power and lord forbid, make people cautious of nuclear power plants.  She is scared this might mean that the poor, rich power companies might not make as much money.

Well you can relax Ms. Coulter, or can I call you Ann? We need energy and even many of the evil, leftist, loony, socialists, as you call them, such as the current President, are for Nuclear energy.  

Unlike you though, they do believe in some regulation just to be sure we are safe.  You know, not wanting our kids to glow in the dark and all.  Perhaps you should have watched HBO's special on the Triangle Factory fire tonight.  It might remind, or teach in your case, why we unfortunately do not some oversight.  

Radiation good for you, indeed!

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