Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update: Charlie Sheen suing Chuck Lorrie?

Charlie Sheenless 
Breaking news: Apparently Chuck Lorrie made Charlie Sheen the a$$hole he is today so Sheen is suing him in return.

Charlie Sheen feels his firing has nothing to do with his wild tirades against the Warner Bros studio and the Two and a Half Men producers.  He knows it had nothing to do with his partying with escorts, nor drinking and doing lots of recreational drugs.  Nope.

Charlie knows his treatment of women and his wild reputation are not what caused him to get the ax.  No.  He knows what the 411 is.  Chuck Lorrie just hates him.  Yup.  makes sense.

Good luck your lawsuit Charlie.  I am sure it won't get thrown out faster than you can say hooker.  Maybe you can sue Jon Stamos if he gets an offer to replace you on Two and a Half Men.

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