Saturday, April 9, 2011

If I could go back in time

If I could go back in time, I would...

  1. Shake the hand of the person who invented Ramen Noodles
  2. Invest in Microsoft and Walmart before they got big
  3. Slap Marcia Griffiths for the Electric Boogie song
  4. Double Slap Mr. Cheeks for the Cha Cha Slide song
  5. Study harder..perhaps
  6. Use my Ipod to impress people and make them think I was some sort of god
  7. Save Tupac
  8. Inform people how bad things would be after George W. Bush ran the country for eight years
  9. Find the owners of the Triangle Waste Factory and shove my foot up their ****es
  10. Tell Raphael Palmero to just keep his mouth shut
  11. Win, duh
  12. Tell people why they should not board the Hindenburg
  13. Prevent Ghostbusters II from being made
  14. Prevent Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from being made
  15. Hug whoever first thought up milkshakes
  16. Borrow a bass line from a Queen/David Bowie song and write stupid rap lyrics over it so I could become famous
  17. Find Doc Brown, help my would be dad overt trouble with Biff, while also helping him get the affections of my would be mom, then use my DeLorean  accompanied by a lightning strike at the old clock tower to get back to present day..or something like that
  18. Explain to Nate Dogg that the Chronic is apparently not the best medicine for everything
  19. Post humongous signs aboard the Titanic that read, "Warning: Giant Iceberg ahead"
  20. Buy lots of BarNone candy bars before they stopped selling them
  21. Tell Fred Savage and Ben Savage to save their money while they are young as the future does not look so bright for them
  22. Settle the Civil War with a slap bet
  23. Spend more time with loved ones that have passed on
  24. Mess with the Beatles and tell them no one will buy an album with a white cover
  25. Find Michael Jackson after his fifth facial surgery or so and say, "enough is enough already!"
Help me with more people.

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