Thursday, April 21, 2011

But the yellow part is the good part

I like eggs.  I should be watching my cholesterol.   Everything I read says just eat the egg whites.  Simple.  Problem solved right? Uh, wrong!

Duh! Hello, the yolk is the yummy part.  Do the people writing articles about eggs stop the think about what they are saying? Just eat the white part?  How about you just drive in reverse?! Just the white part, get real.

Most people I know would rather not eat eggs at all  if they cannot eat the whole thing.  Sure, I have eaten just the white part mixed in some tuna salad.  Overall though, if I were to stop eating the yolk I would say my egg consumption would drop 90%.  Thus I would greatly lose out on the protein benefit of said white part.

So here is to you oh delicious egg yolk.  You taste so good with buttery toast and a side of bacon!

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