Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fly away G6

Okay, first of all, do not get me wrong.  I love the song "Like a G6" by Far East Movement.

When I first heard it, I think back in August or September, I only caught the tail end of it.  That little bit caught my attention though and I kept repeating the main line in my head until I could get home and look it up.

Once I found out the name of the song and the band I looked up the video on YouTube.  Not only did I start liking the song more I loved the video and was amazed it was by some an Asian group.  At the time I just kept thinking," this song would be banging in the club.  I hope it is still in play by the time Halloween rolls around and I am out partying."

Well, it turns out the song was still in heavy rotation when Halloween rolled around, and then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now New Years.

I am not going to say I am tired of the song yet.  That is precisely why I want the radio stations to stop playing it, so I do not become sick of hearing it.  They have ruined many a good song for me, and others this way.

So take my poll to the right and let me know if you think "Like a G6" needs to be pulled from the airwaves or needs to keep playing.

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