Thursday, December 30, 2010

WTH Thursday

Is this going to heal race relations?

On one hand, if Douglas really did do as the Douglas Energy Relief Association claims it would not surprise me. Well, the intent part would not.  It probably does not surprise anybody else who has spent time there either.  One word describes that region of Georgia: redneck.

Truth is everyone is not racist there though.  Even if they were, they would not be smart enough to set up their computer system to racially profile as has been claimed.  I mean, come on, the county is known for a bar named "Homer Boone's."

If the city had performed their own investigation, I could see this being a story, but HUD is not run by the local municipality and therefore I have to believe, though still inbred hillbillies, the folks of Coffee County did no wrong, this time.

$50,000, that is it? Way to show Favre who is boss

Say you are a washed up NFL quarterback who has made millions over the years and is now a washed up prima donna.   Now lets say you had sent a text message to a then team employee.  Oh, lets say Jenn Sterger  hypothetical.  Now suppose that text message was a picture of your penis.

Brett Favre text pic
 Now, two years later suppose news has come out about your penile picture. Sterger is threating to sue you.  The NFL is investigating you. What do you do? Well you try to duck answering questions openly and honestly.  That is what you do.  The NFL persists in their investigation and comes to a conclusion though.

Should you be worried? Well you should, but in our hypothetical world, you can relax, because you are slapped on the wrist with a $50,000 fine.  While huge to normal, hard working people, this is nothing to you, as you are a millionaire.  Why, at this price, you now know it is safe to text penis pics to all the lovely ladies on the Minnesota Vikings cheer leading squad.  Now suppose you once killed a bunch of dogs..oh wait, sorry, that is another prima donna NFL quarterback, and another story all together.

Just the person to call if you are in a domestic violence dispute

Of course the deputy marshal in question was cleared.  Then again I am not going to even go into the whole good ol' boy network thing.  Everyone knows it exists...well not everyone.  Some people are just stupid.

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