Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas movie countdown: A Christmas Story

Tis the season to be jolly.  Oh, and watch wonderful holiday movies.

The following is a list of some I highly  recommend (though I am sure you have probably already seen most of these films).

This started as a list of some of my favorites, but I realized it would be too long, so this post is just about my favorite:   I already talked about Fred Claus, Christmas Vacation and Ernest Saves Christmas

  A Christmas Story -  Peter Billingsley and supporting cast make this a marvelous holiday treat.  If you have already seen this movie, I bet at some time or another in your life you have jokingly repeated the line, "Oooh Fudge!"  

Seriously though, there is a reason they play this 24 hrs on Christmas day.  It rocks! Poor Ralphie just wants a BB gun.  Ahem, a Red Ryder BB gun from Walmart.  I mean from Gimbels, Macy's, Woolworth's or wherever people shopped back in the 1940s.  

Poor little Ralphie's  parents and everyone else keep telling him he is going to shoot his eye out, and it is so funny at the end when he actual does.  Oh wait, that did not happen. The movie is still  funny though.  

There are so many good moments: the dastardly Bumpeses'dogs, the French award his father receives that leads to the electric glow of sex, the suit Ralphie's aunt makes for him, his little Randy not wanting to eat, Frick getting his tongue stuck on a pole due to double dog dare, seeing what Christmas would be like at a Chinese restaurant, or especially, when Ralphie kicked the crap out of that bully, Scut Farkus.  @*$#@*!$I!  In the sequel Scut, so demoralized by the beat down, gets a sex change operation.  I bet you did not know that.  I kid, I kid.

See how hard it is to sum up the entire movie without writing on and on about it? It is that good.

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