Sunday, December 5, 2010

New fries at Wendy's - What was wrong with the old ones?

What is with all the "improvements" these fast food places are coming up with?

I remember several years ago or so when Burger King announced they had changed their French fries I asked a friend if that meant they were basically admitting they were bad before? Well, of course we both knew the answer to that.    The sad thing is their new fries may have been even worse.

A few months ago I saw Dominos Pizza had announced they have improved their pizza.  Again, admitting it was not as good as it could have been.  Does that mean all their customers from over the years can ask for refunds?

Personally, when I had it, I liked Dominos.  Then again I liked Pizza Hutt, Papa Johns, CiCis and more.  I guess with pizza I am easy to please.

McDonald's Grimace
Now I see that Wendy’s has changed their French fries.  What the..??!!  I liked their fries.  Why didn’t anybody there consult me on this?  Natural cut fries? What, so they have a little bit of skin on them, that no one will actually taste after the deep frying process?  I am going to take a hunch here, and it is just a hunch as I have not been all over the United States indulging in fast food, but could Wendy’s be trying to copy the fries at the ever growing in popularity Five Guys Burger And Fries? Hmm!

Then on top of that, they now have Sea salt. Really? Sea salt? As if the iodized table salt we have been enjoying for oh so many years was no longer en vogue enough?  It does not appear to be for health purposes.  Are times that bad Wendy’s?

McDonalds often comes out with new products.  I have nothing against that.  They at least do not change existing products though.   They are smart like that.  Plus they know Grimace might get mad and eat one of the VPs. 

 I mean no one is going to demand Dominos or Wendy’s bring back their old formulas like way back in 1985 when Coca Cola brought out “New Coke,” but still, are these changes just marketing routines to draw in people because of suffering business, or are the changes really for the better?

I want your feedback. 

 At least Dominos did not bring back the Noid.   Sea salt indeed. 


  1. generally i feel positively about most of these changes. especially domino's... i used to enjoy their pizza to some degree, but honestly i can't remember what it tasted like. it was forgettable. but with their new pizza, i actively seek out domino's on occasion.

    burger king's fries also was a change for the better, as far as i am concerned. the old fries were lackluster, on par with wendy's old fries, but the new ones were different, offering something that you didn't see at other fast food places.

    wendy's change, though, was definitely not for the better. not much worse, really, but just... unnecessary. totally about the image.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Who has the best fries now in your opinion?