Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The NCAA weaves a slippery slope

With today’s ruling by the NCAA that Cam Newton is eligible to play in the SEC title game, the NCAA is blatantly allowing its own rules to be skirted.
Now, any student athlete can have a relative, friend, priest, etc ask colleges for money in exchange for their services. All the person who is doing the asking has to do if the NCAA comes calling, is deny that the student athlete knew about it.
Now, do not get me wrong, I am not saying if some uncle, great aunt, biological father that the student athlete does not even live with, some step dad the son stays with only a few months a year, etc goes and asks for money that a student athlete should instantly be made ineligible. This is not that case though. This was Cam Newton’s father, whom he lived with.
There is also the issue of why Cam Newton did not go to Mississippi State University if it was not about money. An MSU recruiter stated that Cam personally called and said the money was too much. Granted, the recruiter may have lied to hurt Newton or Auburn, but regardless of that statement being true, this much is true, Cecil Newton did not get the money he wanted from MSU then Cam suddenly switches his commitment to Auburn? Give me a break. I know, I know, no solid proof to identify that the two are related. I cannot see atoms, but I know they exist. Before satellites existed, before people sailed all around it, some people knew the earth was not flat. We know OJ killed Nicole.
Now I ask what if the FBI, which has not closed its case, finds out Auburn has a slush fund which it uses to pay players? What if it is even bigger than Cam Newton? Then the NCAA will have to go back and vacate Auburn’s wins, and should it win a BCS National Title, the BCS will vacate that as well. If some other school misses out on playing for the national title this year, then that happens later on, there will be much uproar, and rightly so, at the NCAA for not taking care of things in the here and now.
Ironic that Auburn just now declared Cam ineligible a day before the NCAA cleared him, as if they knew what was going to happen. Maybe their pockets go even deep enough to control such outcomes. Auburn knew the investigation was going on well before yesterday, so why did they not sit him sooner, as all the other schools under investigation this year have done with student athletes? It may not be any great conspiracy. More than likely the NCAA is just not very good. Either way, shame on them for allowing Mr. Newton, and Auburn to jump back and forth over their white line, and taunt them while doing so. War Eagle Tiger laptop stealer paid player..indeed!


  1. You are most probably the most ill-informed person who has the ability to read. You do, don't you? Get over the loss, you can't redeem it anymore that you can regain those wins you forfeited for selling textbooks.

  2. Thank you for commenting Bill. I am confused about what loss you speak of though. I am not a fan of any team that has played Auburn in the last 12 or so years. Are you assuming I am an Alabama fan? I can assure you, I am not. It is not just Tide fans who think this situation smells.