Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things I liked that disappeared too quickly Part II

1.        Boston Common – Exactly ten years after first tasting the divinity that was BarNone, I found a television show that transcended merely must see TV.  It was positively, absolutely, definitely, are you crazy to not, must see TV. 

This time the wicked culprits to break my heart were the clueless buffoons at the National Broadcasting Company (yeah that is right NBC, I called you out, punks).

This show starred Anthony Clark as the Zany, “Boyd Pritchett,” who follows his little sister to college to keep an eye on her.  Once there he gets himself in call kinds of crazy situations, while falling for adorable Joy Byrnes, played by Traylor Howard.  Of course she was already taken.  More craziness ensued.  Ah, memories!

Anyone who ever sees this will know Clark was perfect for the silly character role, and will know what a waste it was to cast him as a straight man another production company did for Yes Dear.

Needless to say, once fans like me were on edge for more, NBC decided to pull the plug.  They similar did it with another show, which I was similarly gaining a fondness for, called Chicago Sons a year later.   I think the meetings went something like this:

Boring man in suite #1: “Robert (Bob would be much too casual) this show is entirely too funny.  I mean, what right minded person wants to laugh so hard? Besides, it will make Friends look bad.”

Boring man in suite #2 (Bob): “I think I follow Davidson (being even more formal he calls him by his last name).  We shall proceed with cancellation and bring in a replacement that is tedious and boring.  We have 13 episodes of the perfect show all ready to go with an option for more.  It is called The Single Guy.

 The only positive I can find is that had the show been kept around longer and gained a following, then Traylor Howard would not have been available for Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

Ah well, I am not the only one who has been disappointed by the decisions of some network executives, and hey, at least Boston Common lasted longer than The Hasselhoff's did on A&E.

Share your feedback on shows, etc that you liked that disappeared too quickly.

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