Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gas prices soar once again

"The world's biggest gas-guzzling nation has limits after all.
After seven decades of mostly uninterrupted growth, U.S. gasoline demand is at the start of a long-term decline. By 2030, Americans will burn at least 20 percent less gasoline than today, experts say, even as millions more cars clog the roads."  - This according to Jonathan Fahey of the Associated Press.
So, why are gas prices once again going up?  I thought the free market was about "supply and demand".  This seems more like "bend over and take it."
The oil barons are out of the White House, but the oil companies still seem to have their way.  Not that the government has enough ability, much less coherence, to stop such actions.  One would hope they would at least put up a yellow light t instead of a checkered flag.  
I do not think of any of us were surprised that it conveniently happened after the talk of the gulf oil disaster had dissipated like the oil on the surface of the water itself.  I, myself, am shocked at the extent of the price rise though.  Me thinks the oil industry is trying to make up for the losses of not being able to raise the prices slower during that period.
Ah well, perhaps one day electric cars really will be all the rage.  Then the electric company can gauge us some more.

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